Bursa Gold Dinar

Exciting updates on the Bursa Gold Dinar app: Gold price alerts and Zakat information available now Exciting updates on the Bursa Gold Dinar app: Gold price alerts and Zakat information available now

Exciting updates on the Bursa Gold Dinar app: Gold price alerts and Zakat information available now Exciting updates on the Bursa Gold Dinar app: Gold price alerts and Zakat information available now

Why Gold

You can own gold from as little as RM10.

Start investing in gold the affordable way.

10-Year Return

up-right arrow156%

Annual Return

up-right arrow9.9%

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Note: Price as of 28 June 2024
Past performance is not indicative of future performance

One of the most valuable commodities on the planet.

Step into the world of gold.

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999.9 Gold, from a gold refiner accredited by London Bullion Market Association

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Hedge your wealth from the effects of inflation with gold investments

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Elevate your portfolio with golden investments

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The timeless asset to help preserve your wealth

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How It Works

Invest digitally, own physically.

Our Bursa Gold Dinar is backed by real gold coins and bars.

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Cash out your investments instantly and anytime


Send gold to your loved ones from your phone


Grow your gold's potential in the safety of secured vaults


Set gold price alerts and trade with extended hours


Exchange every 4.25g of digital gold you own for a physical coin


Grow your gold holdings based on Shariah values


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How It Works

Buy, sell, transfer and redeem from one easy app.

Gold investing made easy with Bursa - a straightforward path to financial security in an otherwise complex world.

Keep track of your Zakat obligations for gold.

Simplify your Zakat responsibilities with timely notifications.

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Trade gold with other investors.

Buy or sell this precious metal with fellow investors, easily and securely from your phone.

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Got questions? Here are some answers.

We do our best to make things easier to understand.

The Bursa Gold Dinar (BGD) is a platform for you to buy and sell 999.9/24k gold and redeem your gold in the form of physical gold dinar coins. The BGD platform allows you to invest from as low as RM10 and its equivalent in grams.

You must:

  • Be above 18 years old
  • Be a Malaysian citizen or Malaysian permanent resident or foreigner legitimately residing pursuant to a valid visa and with a valid mailing address in Malaysia
  • Not be a US person under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
  • Be a tax resident of Malaysia only
  • Hold a valid bank account in Malaysia and a Malaysian mobile phone number, with no existing or pending bankruptcy or winding-up petition

To redeem a physical gold dinar coin, you need to have at least 4.25g of gold. Then, select the redeem option on your app and input your address for delivery. Ensure you have sufficient cash in your account to pay for your courier fee, insurance/takaful fee and minting fee. Delivery is expected to take about five (5) business days for Peninsular Malaysia and seven (7) business days for Sabah and Sarawak.

The Bursa Gold Dinar is designed as an end-to-end Shariah-compliant platform product, ensuring compliance at every stage including the underlying physical gold. Gold on the platform is backed by an equivalent amount of underlying physical gold with a serial number and is audited from time to time. Furthermore, a seller's gold and buyer's cash will be transferred on a real-time basis; the system will not allow any deferred payment and asset transfer. The platform utilises a trust account with an Islamic bank. The platform also adheres to the Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (“AAOIFI”) Shariah Standard on Gold. Additionally, the product has also been endorsed by the Shariah Committee of Bursa Malaysia Islamic Services.

Yes. The underlying physical gold is insured and stored in a secured vault located in Malaysia, operated by a vault operator appointed by Bursa Malaysia Digital Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as BM Digital Sdn. Bhd.). Bursa Malaysia Digital Sdn. Bhd. also appoints a trustee to be the custodian of all monies handled on the platform.

We deliver affordable services, with no hidden costs or charges. For the full list of fees, please refer to BGD Fee Schedule.

Pave your way to gold

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